NEW CD Release

Spring Equinox 2015, "FLIGHTS OF FANCY"

 Soulful melodies from the Renaissance to the present day 

CD Front cover



Flights of Fancy

1- One Swallow- MikisTheodorakis 3'13

2- Torre Bermeja - Isaac Albeniz 4'31

3- Asturias- Isaac Albeniz 5'50

4- Recuerdos de l'Alhambra - Francisco Tarrega 3'43

5- Prelude in D minor, J. S. Bach 1'46

6- Fugue in A minor - J. S. Bach 5'14

7-Moonlight Sonata, Ludwig Van Beethoven 4'37

8-A New Ground - Henry Purcell 2'43

9-Fantasie -Silvius Leopold Weiss 2'28

10-Greensleeves Variations  2'53

11-Fancy No 7- John Dowland

12-Homenaje - Manuel de Falla 3'24

13- Study no 1 -Heitor Villa-Lobos 2'07

14-Prelude in Eminor - Heitor Villa-Lobos 4'47

15-Temptation of the Renaissance - Stepan Rak 5'01

16-Canzona in D - Sarn Dyer 2'43

17-Sakura -Yukihiro Yoko 6'36

18-Butterfly Dream Man Dream Butterfly - Byron Zeliotis 4'36

19-Spanish Romance - Anonymous 2'29

Total Playing Time: ~74 minutes


"Flights of Fancy" is my latest CD, a colourful musical journey on the classical guitar, with soulful melodies from the Renaissance to the present day. Dedicated to my parents, this is my personal album of timeless favourites.

The theme of this album is dreaming, fantasy or fancy- which is an old English word-
All these melodies have that magic sound which can move both listener and performer into a more subtle reality, a landscape of musical dreams. Hence the title of this album is Flights of Fancy and all the images on the covers of the CD are images I captured whilst visiting the beautiful Tor is Somerset, one of the most loved dream-sites of magical Britain.

The titles of the pieces are very revealing and often make direct references to dreams with names like fantasia, fancy and fugue (fugue means flight, or escape).

Some titles evoke real or abstract subjects such as: Cherry Blossom (Sakura), and The Bird of Freedom (One Swallow

Others refer to majestic buildings such as "The Red Castle" in the province of Cadiz (Torre Bermeja), and memories of the fountains and gardens in the Alhambra Palace, (Recuerdos de la Alhambra).

The theme to the melody of Butterfly dreams Man dreams Butterfly was first conceived by me in a dream after having done magical passes, as taught by the anthropologist-shaman Carlos Castaneda. The ensuing variations were scored afterwards.

Other titles, like Canzona in D and Temptation of the Renaissance  were written by modern composers who recreate an abstract mood of older times using contrapuntal harmonies and dance rhythms of the Baroque and Renaissance eras.
The contrasting minor and major melodies of the Spanish Romance, evoke in us bitter-sweet feelings of yearning.
Fantasy and romance are echoed in the melancholic, soulful melody Greensleeves and its playful variations.

Moonlight Sonata (from the piano sonata in C# minor) and Asturias (often also named Leyenda, or Legend) , were originally titled "Preludes" but later, because of their haunting musical qualities, were renamed and associated with heroic and dramatic dream-settings.
The two pieces Etude and Prelude by Villa-Lobos are full of colourful chords and were influenced directly by the atmosphere, sounds and rhythms of the Brazilian rain-forest.

Finally, both A New Ground and Homenaje evoke funeral marches, feelings of loss, mourning and Death, the end of all dreams.


Copyright © Byron Zeliotis 2015